The Well-Being Project: Feb 24, 2023

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Online: | Feb 24, 2023


A Quote To Grow With

“The right way to talk to strangers is with caution and humility.”
Malcolm Gladwell

A Book I’m Reading

Malcolm Gladwell was an author that was recommended to me a short while ago, and his book Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know has been a great read. Especially for me, someone who speaks with strangers on a daily basis. It shows that human interaction is on one hand, more complex than we think but also LESS complex than we like.

A Video Worth Watching

Some people like aging, and some do not. While we can disagree about how we feel about it, there’s one thing we can all agree on. The hardest part is watching those around us age. In Lisa Mosconi’s TED talk, she discusses how women’s brains react around hormonal changes, primarily around menopause. She also digs into what diet you should look at during this time.

Lisa Mosconi is a PhD researcher in neuroscience, nuclear medicine, and nutrition. She is also a published author of several books regarding women health

Worth a listen if you are a woman or happen to know one!

Something to Consider

The effect of aging on hormones can’t be understated, and if you took the time to check out the video above, you would agree. While I may not be someone who experiences menopause or cycles, the majority of my clients do.

While the typical response is to respond with direct medical intervention, there are things you can do on a more natural level. If you would like to learn more about what can be done naturally, CLICK HERE and I’ll send you some information about an interesting new alternative.

Something I’ve Been Working On

This bit of work has taken a LOT longer than I had wanted it to. It’s of special interest to anyone looking at creating their own brand, online business or design their lifestyles around time-freedom.

With the popularity of social media, it seems EVERYONE has begun to promote a good or service through their account. It’s never as easy as it sounds, leading to this Brand Attraction Guide I created. It’s the step by step kickstart on how to refine your online business, and the biggest component is the Polarity Matrix.

The Polarity Matrix is the secret weapon to breaking down personal self-doubt and false stories. While I use it a lot in business, it has a HUGE functional use in personal health and goal creation. Try it, you’ll like it! (Download here!)

Stay warm this weekend!

Ja-On Hillman

ps. Don’t forget to book a massage for yourself! You deserve self-care!

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