The Well-Being Project: Feb 10, 2023

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Online: JAONHILLMAN.COM | Feb 10, 2023

  1. “Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” – Brené Brown
  2. As more data comes out about Social Media, the more I want to scale back its use…ESPECIALLY in regards to my children. Now I understand that every generation has a nemesis (rock and roll to the silent generation, Nintendo to the Baby boomers, etc), but Social Media definitely seems to have the ability to damage the minds of young children when their minds are most malleable. So this has led me to finding more fun and entertaining things to do together as a family, instead of the dreaded screen time.Enter: Poetry for Neanderthals! It literally just got delivered as I am writing this! The entire point is you have a word that you need to describe to your team, but you can only use single syllable words… or you get bonked on the head with the “No Stick!” This is still a form of Well-being, right?
  3. Every few years, I go back and re-explore a few of the books that shaped my mindset around the business world… which is a VERY different world from health care! The 4-Hour Workweek was one of the biggest eye openers when I started reactive massage therapy especially when it came to Automating my lifestyle. If you want to learn more, you can get it for free here: 4HWW.
  4. I love my coffee… but lately I have been exploring some benefits of tea. My oldest girl has some sleep issues, leading us to experiment with different types of tea. It’s been quite the learning experience on what a simple drink can do for our health! Check out this quick video on what to do for an upset stomach.
  5. And speaking of upset stomach… gut health is a big deal for overall Well-being! When clients struggle with a sensitive stomach, bloating, constipation, etc, they find the Activate and incredible cleanse for the system… without any <ahem> negative side effects! Click here to get $10 off a pack!



Enjoy the weekend!


Ja-On Hillman


ps. If you haven’t heard… Journey is our new RMT and is actively taking clients! Book Online right here!

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