September Daily Blog Posts 2023

September is the current work in progress with daily writing. It’s incredible how much it forces you to change your thoughts and even your conversation with people in your life. Some are short, some are quick little essays almost, but all of which come from a place of growth and thought.

Getting the creativity moving is always the hardest part. Initial momentum takes some incredible effort, so to act as a bit of a cheat code, I use some daily thoughts from Ryan Holiday’s “The Daily Stoic” to get things moving in that brain of mine.

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Sep 29, 2023

We often forget how little we need when we think of all the things we have or want. The big problem is that those nice things can dull your edges pretty quick if you overindulge in a life of comfort.

I often look back to the simplicity of those “Good Old Days” and think to myself…

“No way… I’m not going back there!”

And nor should we ever expect to, but it is a good reminder of how little we really need.

Sep 28, 2023

Isn’t it strange how we seek control?

We attempt to control the people and events around us, but then say that we can’t change ourselves as we have no self-control.

Incredible. The one thing that we can control is our reaction to the world around us, and it’s an incredible power. And to suggest that you would possibly have power over another implies that someone else will have power over you. Think about that before you desire it.


Sep 27, 2023

Hoping for good fortune is like a cheat code in life. But life isn’t just a video game. You only get from it what you put in, so remember the phrase, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

It’s the work and the struggle that empowers our end;ightenment to our true purpose. Robert Caro wrote that, “Power doesn’t corrupt, it reveals.” How true is this when it comes to the power of self-discovery?

So what will you do? Hope for the best or be empowered for the future?


Sep 26, 2023

Isn’t it strange how we willingly attempt to speed up the passage of time as we age? The countdown to retirement so that we can finally take it easy… only to try so hard to slow down time to enjoy it more. It really doesn’t work that way.
As we get older, we do process time differently… it speeds up! This is because as we age, we experience less memorable events.
We get into a routine, going down the same road to get to the same job at the same times to work with the same people.
Even when we are not working, we go to the same bar with the same people to drink the same drink to the same music.
Is that what we really want? It doesn’t sound like freedom to me.
How do we break this cycle? Step out of that safe and secure box that we put around ourselves and begin to do new, exciting and even scary things again. The stuff we were always urged to do as a child. Remember those days?


Sep 25, 2023

We are all weak.

Everyone has that dependency in life whether it be coffee, social media, exercise or Netflix. And while these are often seen as inconsequential in the big scheme of life, what would it cost you to go without?

Could you maintain your focus? Your clarity? Your drive? Or would it slowly gnaw away at your psyche like any addiction would?

Going without for a time willingly may seem like torture, but it can strengthen your resolve, your ability to cope. It can help prepare you for the days where you go without unwillingly. Those days where you have to lean into the suffering instead of dulling the edges of discomfort.

It’s unpleasant… but creates a stronger you.


Sep 24, 2023

The universe operates in checks and balances… always.

Some call it karma, some say it’s your just dessert. Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, we need to remember fate always issues payment in kind.

Isn’t it better to live a life of generosity, not for the appearance of it, but simply because it is the right thing to do? You may at some point be in need of a similar generosity.

So the next time you perform a deed, good or bad, remember that at some point in time, there will be a return of that energy.


Sep 23, 2023

The development of unconscious skills to the point of innate mastery should be the goal of any professional. Imagine what you could accomplish when you can move about your day without having insecurities in your way.

To remove mental barriers, emotional blocks, and conscious worries is the ultimate life hack when it comes to your skillset.


Sep 22, 2023

If life is a training ground, adversity is the perfect training partner. It is one that is faster, stronger, and undeniably better than you in every way, perfectly matched to push you to the point of suffering.
How do you think you could ever better yourself if you didn’t work for it? How would you ever win your battles without some suffering? What kind of shallow celebration would you have if you didn’t have true challenge?
The experts don’t choose the easy battles, there’s nothing to learn from those. The only part of your self it fuels is the relentless ego.

Sep 21, 2023

Life can become Chaotic

We get caught off guard and lose the focus we once had. The days fly by and after a time, we realize that we lost our centre. 

How do we get back on track?

1.) Realize that we are off our centre.

2.) Show kindness to ourselves, because it’s OK!

3.) Re-focus, re-centre, and start over again at the beginning.

Most of us miss those steps, fall into overwhelm and become discouraged. So go back and read those steps again.


Sep 20, 2023

Some say life is a dance… but they don’t say it’s one that can get you punched in the face. 

There are terrifying attacks that appear from unexpected rivals. Fear, judgement, uncertainty, and even mortality. 

But also interludes of joy, compassion, purpose and life.

It may not be a dance that is always enjoyable or painless… but it is one for which we hope the music never ends. 


Sep 19, 2023

When we are suffering in pain, remember you aren’t alone. 

You aren’t the first person to suffer in this way, there have been countless of similar stories. 

It’s easy to forget this when we are caught in the whirlwind of emotions, but this is entirely a design of your mind. 

Nature is always merciful and forgiving. Only in our own insecurities do we suffer.


Sep 18, 2023

When you set to your purpose, how flexible are you to change?

Are you adaptable or unwavering in your conviction? One will create hardships in your purpose when situations change.

It isn’t about brute forcing your way or becoming an iron willed automaton. It’s about adapting and changing as events unfold or more information is brought to you.

This isn’t weakness, it’s true control over your free will, and when you move in such a way, no one can take that strength from you.


Sep 17, 2023

How often has someone disliked who you were or what you were doing? A little hurtful, isn’t it?

Or maybe, that negativity was merely a reflection of their own personal failings. 

What if you are living your life legally, ethically, and in a way that aligns with your purpose… and they STILL find fault in who you are?

Well obviously, you are doing the right thing. They just hate the fact YOU know where to go in life.


Sep 16, 2023

Who doesn’t wish life with just that easy? That it all worked out without the struggle and effort normally needed. 

Sounds wonderful, but is it worth it? To succeed with no lessons learned? 

Eventually it all catches up. Maybe not this year, or even this generation. But it always does, and when it happens, someone will have to get back to the struggle again.

There’s always dues to be paid.


Sep 15, 2023

Knowledge is access to power, but only when it grows and matures. To prematurely attempt to display proficiency is a fools practice that will lead to failure. 

Some say its be to “Fake it til you Make it”, but it is a better course to “Teach it til you Reach it.” 

Remember when you teach what you learn, you learn it twice. 


Sep 14, 2023

How often do we quietly wish or pray for an outcome we desire?

Wouldn’t it be better to hope for clarity or strength to the task at hand? To better understand the challenges needed to achieve the goal?

Wouldn’t that be more valuable than even the goal itself, to learn a bit more about yourself? You just may discover you are stronger than you thought.


Sep 13, 2023

We forget how strong we are as we oppose the will of others who would take us down.

Judgement. Anger. Jealousy. Criticism. 

Our souls are protected by the walls of a well trained mind. The weak point, however, always comes from within. 

When we give in to our fears and self-doubts. Our greatest deceiver is also our greatest believer.


Sep 12, 2023

Staying the course in your goal, but being inflexible in the execution can lead to stagnation of dreams.

Adjust and adapt to the situations, but always be cautious of the fear of missing out. This one fear can derail every well planned course.


Sep 11, 2023

Prepare your day to NOT be a perfect day. 

Perfection isn’t the universe against you, but rather the preferences created by a mind out of sync. 

It’s not all in your control, things will happen to you today, none inherently good or bad. The deciding factor of its alignment is the preference you place upon it. 

Create the changes that you can, and cherish the lessons to be taught from those you cannot control.


Sep 10, 2023

We’re never taught to adapt to suffering… it’s all we can do to mature into it.

We avoid it or numb ourselves to it when we need to lean into it. Life isn’t meant to be easy, despite what people on social media say. 

Passion doesn’t make it easier, neither does purpose or calling. It just allows you to lean into the suffering with more intent. 

It’s never been about ease, but instead moving towards acceptance and surrendering into the experience it brings. 


Sep 9, 2023

Times are tough, but is it worth putting fear into the equation? 

Your investment into the present life will always pay back in future dividends, so be mindful of the choices. 

But even when things look bad and the challenge feels unending, remember that things always work out.

I’m not sure why, but they always do.


Sep 8, 2023

Who hasn’t pursued a fool’s errand for the possibility of a better life beyond what we have earned? 

We all have, and like everyone else, you probably failed. You can look back at it and the ridiculousness of it all. 

But what did you LEARN from it?

Virtue? Strength? Perseverance? Patience?

Maybe even some recklessness and foolhardiness. Some disappointment. 

It was worth it, wasn’t it? 


Sep 8, 2023

Putting an end to poor habits in full swing can be difficult… even almost impossible. Instead, catch the issue while it is new. It’s always best to avoid the problems to begin with, not when they are too menacing to manage.

If they build momentum and become locked in place, they become second nature. 

This is exactly like good habits… the only difference is which one we have a preference for. 

So why place a preference on a poor choice?


Sep 7, 2023

Knowing who you are and choosing to be are our greatest superpowers. 

These are only diminished when we allow the insecurities of others into our light. 


Sep 6, 2023

Why do people fail?

Because the give up.

For all the talk of achieving personal freedom in their life, the moment there’s a hint of suffering… they falter.

Why? It’s entirely your choice to give up, nobody is forcing you. Nobody is taking your choice away from you. And if this is true, why would you choose to quit so soon? When there’s still so much left to learn, so much to do?

Have you completely leaned into the challenge or has the interest waned before the results were granted? Did you really want this ever?

Only you can make yourself quit… why are you doing this to yourself?


Sep 5, 2023

Despite what you think or have been led to believe, the only thing you control is yourself.

It’s both terrifying and liberating to realize this as it grants an incredible power: Responsibility.

It’s yours and yours alone… and no one can take it from you.


Sep 4, 2023

How often do we shy away from challenge?

Probably daily.

We avoid challenges and austerity for the momentary comforts of a good life, but in doing so forget that the life we have was formed through a degree of suffering.

When we don’t lean into the suffering and sharpen the edges of our being, we embrace complacency. We become mellow and lose our fire.

We forget that life is based around challenge and celebration.


Sep 3, 2023

How many things in life do you decisively go “All-In” on?

Some of us just carry-on through our lives, taking no intentional action and hoping for some miracle to shift their lives for the better. They WANT change, they just don’t want to be a part of the execution.

Some of us start out of some big change. It could be a new income opportunity, a side hustle, a health goal or personal journey, only to quit once it isn’t easy. The results don’t match the poorly examined expectation.

And some of us, start small, making consistent changes, learning the skills to create some wins. Eventually, a seed takes root, the excitement is tangible, and expectations are clear. The work becomes a purpose, and the only way to move forward is to go “All-In.”

The best part is that it works. It won’t be easy, and you might not hit your goal, but the success will be measured. 

You don’t get many chances to go at anything like this, and most of us will never even try. What have you got to lose?


Sep 2, 2023

Healing… is fucking ugly.

We like to think it’s some wondrous thing, filled with happy realizations, a nurturing touch and that liberating feeling of the release of suffering.

Who WOULDN’T want that?

Let’s stop lying to ourselves, healing is about growth and change. It’s breaking through those barriers in life that are constantly closing in on us. 

It’s about facing what scares us the most and there’s nothing pretty about it. It’s about the work. 

It’s literally the one fucking thing you need in life to get over your shit. And THAT’S why everyone WANTS it… but so few will ever really DO it. 

Because it’s worth the work… but it’s still fucking ugly.


Sep 1, 2023

Having a good life doesn’t mean it’s a weak life any more than a hard life being a strong one. And yet, we hear people saying this sort of belief when they speak about how tempered or hardened they are.

Why shouldn’t you have comfort in life so long as you maintain preparation for potential hardships? There’s no reward at the end for those how live in self-created hardships their whole lives. 

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