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Online: JAONHILLMAN.COM | April 15, 2023

Hello there!

Here is your weekly dose of Well-Being tidbits to help you live just a little better!

Something to Consider:

“Dysfunctional Belief: Happiness is having it all. Reframe: Happiness is letting go of what you don’t need.” – Bill Burnett

Something to Create:

How many times have you heard someone joke that they didn’t know what they wanted to be when they grew up? In all honesty, it’s usually one part jest and one part seriousness. Do you know why?

A major part is that we simple aren’t very good at lifestyle design! We get stuck with dysfunctional beliefs and get stuck in the same old same old. Bill Burnett and his design team at Stanford University developed a 5 step program to helping people discover what they want in life. It’s worth the watch, but heads up: It’s 25 minutes long. And you might want a pen and paper.

Somewhere to Create:

In order to design your lifestyle, you also need a place to receive the support and advice you need. Every lifestyle needs financial growth, and if you are wanting more in life, you need to grow in life. Designing a 7 figure lifestyle on a 5 figure mindset doesn’t cut it… you need to level up.

Over the past few months, I’ve been digging deep into dozens of books, interviews, courses, TedTalks to distill down some of that knowledge. I’ll be presenting it in my private group, Cashflow by Design where you can learn more at an accelerated speed. Times are getting tougher, is it time to break out of the box?

Something to Practice:

I have two true nemeses in life: Cardio and Breathing. I blame my asthma for that, but catching COVID-19 in October didn’t help. I’ve found my breathing more difficult and I use my inhaler more regular than before. (Breathing problems also aren’t kind on your waistline… heads up!)

I’ve added two things to my health care plan: more cardio (swimming and running) and an O2 Trainer. The process is simple and just a few minutes a day. Interestingly, the results are intense with a bit of muscle soreness from working the inspiration and expiration muscles! Here’s a quick video explanation of the Trainer.

Something I Love:

I love coffee, and while I enjoy the caffeinated benefits, it also has incredible qualities for focus and concentration! Check out this 5 minute video for more science stuff.

I order my coffee from Forbidden Flavours locally, and best part is that they can ship it right to your doorstep. The price is amazing and the freshness is guaranteed, so why buy old coffee off the shelf?

Welcome to Spring! Enjoy the weekend.


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