October Daily Blog Post 2023

October is a new month. New vision, new goals, and new ideas to explore, especially as we close off the last few months of 2023.

October 19, 2023

Getting upset at yourself for a bad habit is about as productive as the habit itself.

Instead of feeling frustrated, break the pattern you find yourself caught in and create a counter-force. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with a task, but the secret in overcoming it is to leverage your other abilities to create success.

Do you find yourself procrastinating? Take a moment to step away from the problem. Get up, move the body and clear the head… reset… and begin again.


October 9, 2023

We expect the things in our world to meet a certain standard, otherwise it has no value in our lives.

But by what standard do you hold yourself to?

It’s easy to create excuses as to why we fall short of our original ideals. Everyone has a thousand excuses that pop up when we encounter the struggle, but very few people have true reasons.

These standards are your personal accountability, so why do you give up on them so easily?


October 8, 2023

Have you ever wanted something so badly, you became a little obsessed?

You worked so hard to get it, but when you finally had the ability to claim it, you didn’t really want it?

This is the perfect example of how the journey is often greater than the destination. It promotes growth and pushes our boundaries.

You can tell you’ve experienced growth when you reach your earned reward, and discover that you just don’t need it anymore. You just needed to know that you could get it.


October 7, 2023

How does it feel when you get something you didn’t earn? It just doesn’t feel quite right.

How does it feel when you get something you didn’t deserve? That’s an ugly feeling you never quite forget.

Begin self-aware of you action and achievements is an important skill, one that we begin to learn early on in our lives. Integrity, honesty, identity.

It acts as a moral compass with the arrow always pointing towards our true purpose.


October 6, 2023

How often do we feel uncelebrated and alone? More often than we think, and even worse, many of us recoil at the thought of being recognized for our achievements.

Why is this?

When was the last time your actions were celebrated? When did you last receive acclaim or a pat on the back?

Probably too long… and unfortunately, we’re all that way. Doing our best and unsupported in our efforts.

Now imagine how the world would change if every day we each told a couple people how special they truly are. How valuable they are to the community and that they make a difference to those around them.

I think most problems would quickly disappear.


October 5, 2023

Actions may speak louder than words, but words can leave bruises that cannot be seen.
So be kind, and care for those wounds.


October 4, 2023

We forget the interconnectedness of society. Going about our day, the busyness of it all, it’s easy to get self-absorbed in our lives.

“What’s in it for me?” is an unhealthy mantra that I hear so often, in so many different ways. That somehow what’s good for the one person is inherently being missed out or taken by others. That they are being forced to make some unfair sacrifice.

Whoever said anything was fair? It’s just not about you alone. Its about all of us.


October 3, 2023

Isn’t it incredible how everything is interconnected?

Your day, seemingly made up of random events is having drastic effects on everything else around you.

It’s almost like we are all pieces of a puzzle that is always changing.


October 1, 2023

The goodness of who you are lights the dark until you alone decide to extinguish it.
But why would you choose to end a beacon of hope to those around you? For some of those people, that is all they have.
You don’t know the impact you have on them. Chances are, you don’t even know them.
But they know you, and they need you more than you realize.
Don’t give up on those that see you in a light you may not see yourself.

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