Friday: Your Well-Being Wisdom To Design Your Life

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Online: JAONHILLMAN.COM | Mar 24, 2023

Something to Consider:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Will Durant

Something Quick to Learn:

Chances are you have heard of Dr Andrew Huberman and if you are old like me, you’ve probably heard of Tim Ferriss. Even if you haven’t, this is a short YouTube video of their recent podcast where they discuss the 5 Core Pillars of Health.

Something to Work On:

A question I have been asking more is, “What do you do for self-care?” and I’ve found the answers interesting. Neck time you are concerned about how things are in life, think about this. Be open with your answers and explore from curiosity instead of shame or guilt. I did a short 3 minute article you can find here as well as 40 simple things you can do to support your self-care.

Something to Improve your Finances:

Money is such a swear word for some people, but it shouldn’t be. We all have our struggles and worries, so here’s a resource to help your mindset. If you have been thinking about making more money, creating a business, or expanding your mindset, I’m restarting my Side-Gig Empire Facebook Group! It will be filled with resources and online videos designed to help wake up that entrepreneurial brain.

Something my Kids Love:

Keeping hydrated is such a pain, but it’s even harder for little kids. Thankfully, my wife found something to make it a bit more exciting for them. These water bottles have times stamped on them to help you keep on track to reaching your water goals. They sound a little lame, but they are definitely the game changer for the goal orientated.

Enjoy the weekend!

Ja-On Hillman

ps. We all struggle with energy slumps, especially after a long week or right after lunch. One of my favourite ways to wake up the sleepy brain is a serving of GO. Mixed with the amino acids L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine for focus and clarity as well as herbal adaptogens, it works without the jitters. It’s low carb and tasty, and with this $10 off code, it’s a great mid-day wakeup.

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