Friday Mar 3, 2023: Monkey Bars, LEAP, History, Adaptogens

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Online: | Mar 3, 2023

Something to Consider

“Life is like the monkey bars: you have to let go to move forward.”

Leah Busque

Something I To Learn From

It’s been almost a year from when I stopped my Side-Gig Empire Podcast. When the opportunity popped up to chat entrepreneurship on Darvill’s Domain, I was pretty excited to get back on the medium! We dig deep into making money, thinking outside the box, and how family fits in. We even dig down into my LEAP method for taking action in life, something EVERYONE can use! Watch here.

Something Cool to See

History is a powerful predictor for the present and future, but we often pass it off as irrelevant. This cool video popped up on Tok-Tok… so I stole it! It breaks down our time-line in history blocks and what archetypes each generation represents. Watch it Here.

Something to Read

Speaking of history, it’s amazing when you consider how far our society has come in short time. I’ve been enjoying the book “How Innovation Works” by Matt Ridley which is an incredible read! It breaks down how innovation, not invention has changed the world one step at a time. Health care, engineering, vaccines and even plumbing are all discussed in non-boring details. Worth checking out for a great history lesson.

Something For Your Brain

Have you heard of adaptogens? These are specific herbs that follow three basic rules for use:

  • It is non-toxic when taken in normal doses.
  • It helps your body cope with stress.
  • It allows your body to return to balance (homeostasis).

In short, we use these herbs to help with our wellbeing when we are feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been using various adaptogens since I was young (eg. Ginseng), but today I prefer to the ones that are easily used. Modere GO is my current fave, and it helps me get through my afternoons when I’m scripting videos or newsletters. Click here to get $10 off your first order if you are looking for some boost!

Have a happy spring-like weekend!

Ja-On Hillman

ps. If you missed Angela’s Hormone Cycle Syncing interview, here’s your chance to check it out!

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