October Daily Blog Post 2023

October is a new month. New vision, new goals, and new ideas to explore, especially as we close off the last few months of 2023. October 19, 2023 Getting upset at yourself for a bad habit is about as productive as the habit itself. Instead of feeling frustrated, break the pattern you find yourself caught […]

September Daily Blog Posts 2023

September is the current work in progress with daily writing. It’s incredible how much it forces you to change your thoughts and even your conversation with people in your life. Some are short, some are quick little essays almost, but all of which come from a place of growth and thought. Getting the creativity moving […]

August Daily Blog Posts 2023

August 2023 is when I took up a new challenge: digging into some daily writing based on various thoughts I have as well as prompts from Ryan Holiday’s “The Daily Stoic”. It’s a worthwhile read, and I’ll definitely be talking about the process soon. Until then, here’s the short collection.   Aug 31, 2023 People […]

Guilt is Worse than Jail

“The greatest portion of peace of mind is doing nothing wrong. Those who lack self-control live disorientated and disturbed lives.” – Seneca, Moral Letters, 105.7 Your mind can be a prison for good or bad. But regardless of the outcome, be sure you can live with it. The power of knowing you did nothing wrong is […]

Don’t Be Inspired, Be Inspirational

“Let us also produce some bold act of our own – and join the ranks of the most emulated.” – Seneca, Moral Letters, 98.13b Being inspired is different than being inspirational. While both can be essential to a better Experience, one is selfish and the other is selfless. History repeats even in greatness, but only when the […]

Carpe Diem

“Let us therefore set out whole-heartedly, leaving aside our many distractions and exert ourselves in this single purpose, before we realize too late the swift and unstoppable flight of time and are left behind. As each day arises, welcome it as the very best day of all, and make it your own possession. We must […]

Good and Evil? Look at your Choices

“Where is Good?” In our reasoned choices. Where is Evil? In our reasoned choices. Where is that which is neither Good nor Evil? in the things outside of our reasoned choice.” – Epictetus, Discourses, 2.16.1 What else is there but our own actions and choices in life? It is all we have control over, all else […]

How to Have a Good Day

“God laid down this law, saying: if you want some good, get it from yourself.” – Epictetus, Discourses, 1.29.4 This is an important perspective in life, the use of internal will to derive action. Goodness begets goodness and feeds into itself… as does evil. If you were given the choice on what we all have, why […]

Saturday: F*cked, Opinions, ELDOA and Cordyceps

Take what you Like, Share what you Love Online: JAONHILLMAN.COM | April 29, 2023 Hello there! Here is your weekly dose of Well-Being tidbits to help you live just a little better! Something to Ponder: “Don’t just sit there. Do something. The answers will follow.” – Mark Manson Something to Think About: Mark Manson filmed this […]

Friday: Becoming strong, focus, pterygoid, Book club

Take what you Like, Share what you Love Online: JAONHILLMAN.COM | April 21, 2023 Something to Consider: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius   Something to Learn: Build a strong core they say, it’ll help your back. That’s a pretty simplistic and dated concept, […]

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